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US Nationwide Tanning Regulations

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates indoor tanning equipment and it's use.

Their website -

FDA tanning information, includes their regulations -


US State Tanning Regulations

45 States have indoor tanning regulations; 11 of those have age restrictions only the rest have more comprehensive requirements.

You may want to review the details of regulations specific to your state. You can find summary information by state and state regulatory links here.

Age restrictions for all states are listed at -


Canada Nationwide Tanning Regulations

In Canada indoor tanning is covered in the Radiation Emitting Devices (RED) Act that is implemented in the Radiation Emitting Devices Regulations, Schedule II, Part XI (Tanning Equipment). These laws and rules set the standards for tanning equipment.

Canadian regulations are overseen by Health Canada, their information -

Health Canada works in conjuction with the Federal Provincial Territorial Radiation Protection Committee; they jointly publish Guidelines for Tanning Equipment Owners, Operators and Users.


Canada Provincial Tanning Regulations

All Canadian Provinces and the Northwest Territories have tanning regulations.

You may want to review the details of regulations specific to your province. You can find summary information by province and provincial regulatory links here.

Spray Tanning Regulations

US FDA Nationwide Spray Tanning Regulation

The FDA regulates sunless tanning ingredients as cosmetics and recommends protection against inhaling or exposure to eyes and lips.


US State Spray Tanning Regulations

New Jersey - Bans spray tanning under age 14

Ohio - Requires spray tanning businesses to obtain a Tanning Facility Permit

Oregon - Requires airbrush tanning practitioners to be certified in esthetics and practice only in a licensed facility


Canadian Spray Tanning Regulations

There is currently no nationwide or provincial regulation of spray tanning.


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