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Your SunFocus Training experience is more than just taking a test. Concentrate on learning the course material; that will bring value to the customer, to the business and to you.

The "test" is a series of quizzes, one in each module. Those quizzes are designed to re-enforce your learning and insure that you understand the underlying concepts from the material in that module.

When your certification "course" is used to sell you products and equipment how can you be sure the information is accurate and complete? SunFocus is the only independent certification provider; "Vendor Neutral" and free of sponsor's ads.

It is a good idea to download a copy of the course manual from the "Resources and Downloads" folder supplied with each course. The manual is an aid in learning and testing. It also is a good longer term reference to retain during your tanning career.

  • You can interrupt any quiz. By chosing "Save without submitting". Your work will be saved but the test not submitted for grading.

  • You can retake a quiz to improve your understanding of the material and improve your score. The number of retakes allowed may be limited by state regulations.

  • Don't forget to download and use a copy of the course manual.

  • Remember that your goal is to master the material.

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