Spray Tanning is an essential service for millions of consumers. Most popular is custom applied handheld spray tan service offered by spas, beauty practitioners and indoor tanning businesses.

Well trained Spray Technicians are key to providing the high quality applications that customers of this personal service require and expect.

This video based Course shows how to deliver consistent, quality High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) spray tan applications and includes body contouring techniques The course covers the following:

  • Sunless Tanning Background.
  • Equipment and Equipment Care.
  • Pre-Application Preparation.
  • Legs and Lower Body Application.
  • Specialty Body Contouring to accentuate the Abs, Back and Breasts.
  • Upper Body Application.
  • After Care and Spray Care Products.
  • Key considerations for Starting Your Spray Tanning Business.

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Why is spray tanning certification important?

  • Getting certified is your opportunity to learn techniques to deliver long lasting glowing tans to your customers.
  • Getting certified is a simple and cost effective way to learn how to make spray tanning a profitable business that you can enjoy.
  • Getting certified will give you the knowledge you need to avoid problems in customer "pre-spray" preparation and "after-spray" color maintenance.

"Spray Tanning Certification" and "How to Start Your Own Business" are Both available in a single enrollment for just $55 - you save 20% off the single course price and hundreds of dollars compared to other spray tan courses.

"Spray Tanning Certification", "UV Tanning Certification" and "Tanning & SkinCare Product Sales" are Available in a single enrollment for just $95 - you save $20 off the single course price and hundreds of dollars compared to other tanning courses.


A couple of comments from business owners about our course -

  • "I absolutely loved this course and would recommend to anyone eager to learn. Super easy to understand! Love that this was so easy and convenient!" - Erin

  • "I really liked the course! The information provided gives me more confidence with starting my spray tan business." - Hannah

  • "Loved it! From the history to the application. Love making people feel beautiful." - Caroline

  • "Great course, easy to navagate, straight to the point." - Morgan

  • "The course was amazing and clear to understand." - Tara

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We bring you the Best Course at the Best Price - Spray Tanning Certification is just $45.

This is a video course with supporting text.

It has 9 different modules; each focused on a different area of knowledge or skills used by a spray tan technician.

A course manual is available for download and can be a valuable learning aid as well as an ongoing reference and refresher.

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For continuity in the learning experience we strongly recommend that the whole course be completed within a short period of time.  A time frame of no more than four to five hours is recommended.  

Course enrollments expire in 30 days

Spray tanning regulation links can be found here.

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