Red Light Therapy continues to increase in popularity in full service salons and spas, fitness clubs and gyms, as well as indoor tanning salons.

Increase Your Profit with the Original Red Light Therapy Training for the Indoor Tanning Industry.

Now there is an alternative for Red Light Therapy Training.

Before the SunFocus Red Light course the only options were for full esthetician curriculum courses requiring hundreds of hours of classroom time and costing many hundreds of dollars.

For just $25 and a couple of hours of your time this course will prepare you with the information and knowledge you need to provide this "in demand" service.

The course covers the delivery of Red Light therapy services. Blue light, full spectrum light, InfraRed and other light therapies are also reviewed.

"Red Light Therapy Training  and "How to Start Your Own Business"  are Both available in a single enrollment for just $40 - you save 20% off the single course price.

Laser, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and other therapies generally requiring an esthetician or medical credential / license are beyond the scope of this course; they will be overviewed, but are not intended to be covered in detail.

The course is arranged in 6 modules:

  • Introduction to and history of Light Therapy.
  • Light and it's behavior.
  • Makeup of the parts of the body affected by light exposure.
  • Light therapy equipment.
  • Benefits and application of Red Light Therapy.
  • Red Light Therapy Regulation and recordkeeping.

When your certification "course" is used to sell you products and equipment how can you be sure the information is accurate and complete? SunFocus is the only independent certification provider; "Vendor Neutral" and free of sponsor's ads.

A couple of comments from business owners about our course -

  • "I was thrilled to find this course and am glad to have an affordable option for getting important information needed. The Resources and forms were a huge help. Thank you so much for making this available and affordable." - Mary
  • "Amazing content" - Brittany
  • "This course was informational and helpful!" - Noah
  • "This course was a huge help to understand RLT for our salon." - Cassie
  • "Easy to use" - Cindy

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We bring you the Best Course at the Best Price - Red Light Therapy Training is just $25.


The course has 6 different modules; each focused on different areas of knowledge involved in delivering light therapy treatments.

A course manual is available for download and can be a valuable learning aid as well as an ongoing reference and refresher.

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We suggest you review the course material multiple times. After you take the course and try it's ideas with customers go back through the course again. Repeat as needed; you can go through the course material as often as you wish for up to 30 days with a single course enrollment payment.

The course will require at least an hour and 30 minutes to complete.

Course enrollments expire in 30 days.

Red Light LED


This course has been developed with our experience owning and operating tanning salons. We bring real life experience from the salon to your learning to make it the most relevant experience possible. We want your training to prepare you to provide for the best possible client service, satisfaction and experience.

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