Students leave this course with more than just a certificate to hang on the wall; Students leave with increased value to deliver to the business. The skills and knowledge they get can be applied every time they work with a customer; that adds value to them as an individual, value to your clients, and value to your business.  Signup for just $40

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SunFocus Certification is the only Tanning Certification backed by the exclusive Certification for Life ™ guarantee:

  • If you earn a SunFocus Tanning Certification then relocate and want certification in your new home state or province, upon request, we will enroll you in our course appropriate for that state at no charge. If you earn a SunFocus Tanning Certification and your state has or creates a requirement for periodic re-certification, upon request, we will enroll you in our course appropriate for that re-certification at no charge

Students consistently praise our courses for being clear, easy to understand and follow, informative and reliable. See samples of student comments.

This course has been developed with our experience owning and operating tanning salons. We bring real life experience from the salon to your learning to make it the most relevant experience possible.  We want your training to prepare you to provide for the best possible client service, satisfaction and experience. 

SunFocus provides more state and province specific tanning certification courses than all other salon certification vendors combined.

The course presents the student with 11 modules, each on a specific topic. It covers all aspects of the Tanning Operator Job including: skin and the tanning process, skin typing, eye protection, new client procedure, salon procedures. and equipment, as well as state and federal regulations.

Generally students should expect to spend several hours in the course material.  That is about 20-30 minutes in each of the modules.  That will give time to get the most value and information from the course.

Enrollments in this course expire in 30 days

SunFocus has provided Tanning Certification developed and presented by Salon Owners since 1994. Over 40,000 owners and operators have profitted from our tanning class and certification / tanning test.

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