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Industry leaders tell us that 30% or more of a tanning salon's revenue should come from product sales.  That goal can be achieved!  

The key to jump starting your sales to that level is training your staff of Customer Service Representatives in sales skills and knowledge about the products.  Signup

Our Tanning Product Sales Training course adds payback for you and your employees by:

  • Increasing sales..

  • Developing an educated customer base that understands the importance of using quality indoor tanning products. 

  • Learning tips to display products in a way that supports sales. 

We bring you the Best Course at the Best Price - Product Sales Training is just $15.

Our Tanning Product Sales Training course is a "Boot Camp" for your staff, they will learn:

  • The Key Steps of Sales and how to implement them in the salon.

  • To Understand Products and How they Work with the skin and tanning process

  • To Understand the types of Ingredients used in the Products we sell.

A course manual is available for download and can be a valuable learning aid as well as an ongoing reference and refresher.

We offer Tanning Operator Certification, Spray Tanning Certification and Tanning Lotion Sales Training.

This is a video course. 

A course manual is available for download and can be a valuable learning aid as well as an ongoing reference and refresher.

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We suggest you review the course material multiple times. After you take the course and try it's ideas with customers go back through the course again. Repeat as needed; you can go through the course material as often as you wish for up to 30 days with a single course enrollment payment.

The course will require at least an hour and 30 minutes to complete. 

It has 10 different modules to allow for a couple of breaks during the learning process.

For continuity in the learning experience we strongly recommend that the whole course be completed within a short period of time.  A time frame of no more than four to five hours is recommended.  

Course enrollments expire in 30 days.

This course has been developed with our experience owning and operating tanning salons. We bring real life experience from the salon to your learning to make it the most relevant experience possible.  We want your training to prepare you to provide for the best possible client service, satisfaction and experience. 

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